InterTrade Ireland


Barbara is an InterTrade Ireland Elevate and E-Merge consultant.

I am an InterTrade Ireland Elevate and E-Merge consultant. My speciality is agri-food.

Previous clients include Achill Mountain Lamb, Glastry Farm Ice-Cream, Long Meadow Cider, Kamal Mahal Asian Curries, Papas Mineral Company, Longbridge Drinks, Mount Mills Flax Oil, Mourne Dew Distillery, DessertFirst, TGT Group and Kilfera Foods.



“Mentoring by Barbara means Barbara gives it her all. And she really does in every area of business support, in my case a food business. She quickly gets on top of priority needs and taps into her very broad range of knowledge, network, training, expertise, experiences, technical skills and creative thinking. She is an encyclopaedia of all things Media, Food and Culinary. Barbara was tailor-made for our business and she  really cared. That spoke volumes to me.”

Will Taylor, Glastry Farm Ice-Cream 



“We still work with Barbara following on from our Elevate project in 2016. She has superb contacts, a strong work ethic and always goes the extra mile.”

Martina Calvey, Achill Mountain Lamb



“Barbara introduced me to a Northern Ireland distributor who she thought would be a good fit. We shipped our first order today. Delighted!” 

Margaret Fleming, DessertFirst



NB I am not employed by InterTrade Ireland, I do consultancy work for them.

The Good China Set

Barbara Collins worked as a reporter and producer at BBC Northern Ireland for 16 years before setting up her own company, the Good China Set, in 2015. She is based in Galway, Ireland.





Barbara is a member of the UK and Irish Guilds of Food Writers. She writes for Taste of Ulster/Food NI, broadcasts for BBC Radio Ulster and she also does occasional PR work including the Blas na hEireann Awards.